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Black Lives Matter- Anti Racism Tees

Recently I’ve been taking time to personally reflect, truly gather my thoughts, and properly educate myself about racial inequality and injustice in the world. I have made a conscious effort to not mindlessly post and repost to my platforms. Change is coming. Change needs to be made. The world is screaming for change.

That being said. Here are some vintage tees I’ve come across on social media in the last week alone that have timeless messages, plus one I’ve had personally for a while now. Please keep in mind that these garments were being manufactured and sold 20+ years ago, and that the same issues keep recurring in the time we live in today. 

There is no excuse for discrimination. 

Below please find a list of resources that I’ve included. Educate yourself. Sign petitions. Donate if you can, and most importantly speak out. 

Resources 101 | Justice For George Floyd | Official George Floyd Memorial Fund | Black Lives Matter TO

Social media is an amazing tool and a great platform, but if we as a society don’t apply this knowledge and practice these values in our day to day lives change will never happen. I’m very proud of the support and awareness that the vintage community has been spreading about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Strength is in unity.

-Loose Threads Vintage