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Vintage Outfit Of The Week

In this week’s blog post I’m going to be starting a new mini-series titled Vintage Outfit Of The Week, where I dive into my personal collection and go into more detail about my pieces. One of the reasons why I love selling vintage is that my closet rotation always looks different. When I’m digging for Loose Threads Vintage, I’m also digging for my own closet simultaneously.

This Week’s Outfit Is A Pair Of Green Cargo Pants With A Vintage Adidas Jacket and Looney Tunes tee to go underneath.

On top, I have a vintage silver tag Adidas jacket with a 93′ Looney Tunes tee underneath. The jacket was an awesome gift from a very special person, and I was able to grab the tee in a huge trade. The Adidas silver tags are from the 80s. I also have an eye for Looney Tunes merch, personally I love big prints and creative characters, so when I saw this one with the INSANE front and back hits I had to have it.

To go along with the navy blue and white colours I chose a pair of green cargo pants made by Cabella’s. I bought these bottoms secondhand and they’re one of my favourite pairs currently. I love all the imperfections these pants have. The smears of paint and other signs of wear give these a lot of character. The option of layering down the jacket make this an ideal spring fit.

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