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Website Re-launch & Welcome

Hi everyone, first and foremost, welcome to! I’m very excited to have the opportunity to relaunch the site and include a blog, catalogue, and online shop. On this page of the website, I will be covering different aspects of vintage, the fashion industry, as well as feature other entrepreneurs and creatives. 

My name is Aaron Goodison and I’m pretty new to blogging… well content creating in general. Owning a business has mostly been a trial and error learning process for me; this means adapting to circumstances, learning as you go, and keeping a positive attitude.

In terms of a schedule for Loose Threads Vintage, New product drops will happen once a week to the shop (Sundays @ 5pm EST). The same goes for new blog posts, at least one new article a week. 

I’m going to conclude this introduction with a question for you. What interests you about vintage clothing? Feel free to comment, email, or direct message me, I love hearing as to why others love vintage. For me, it’s the aspects of history and sustainability, as well as digging for vintage. 

If there is a specific topic, event, or any news you would like to see me cover, feel free to reach out to me. My socials and email can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you for reading, new articles coming every week!